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Hemp Balm: Is CBD the Best Oil for Stretch Marks?

If you have recently lost weight, or you have given birth, it might be challenging to tone up and make sure that your skin is as firm as it used to be. I recently dropped two stones without dieting, simply due to stress, and CBD oil has helped me regain the flexibility of my skin. Now, remember that I am not 20 any more; I am over 40, and my skin cells are much lazier than they used to be. Find out whether or not the CBD Balm is the best hemp lotion for stretch marks.

Hemp Seed Oil for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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During pregnancy, our skin will stretch, as our body will build up the reserve of energy and vitamins for the baby. If you put on weight, you might want to try a topical CBD solution. One of the best body lotions for the purpose is the CBD Body Lotion from Cloud9. It is packed with antioxidants that will help your skin regenerate the cells and get you a smoother appearance. It also includes apple seed oil and grape seed oil. It is amazing how the vitamins and minerals work together with CBD. My friends used this product with great success for pregnancy stretch marks.

Best Oil for Stretch Marks Due to Weight Loss

When I suddenly dropped the weight without dieting, I noticed that I suffered from very loose skin and stretch marks. I had to do something, and I started my new exercise routine, but also looked for a new product. I used CubidCBD‘s body lotion, and it worked. It didn’t only give me a smoother skin, but I also noticed that I stopped getting heat rashes and allergic reactions. I have used the solution every night for a few weeks, and my stretch marks are hardly visible now.

Yoga and CBD Lotion: The Perfect Stretch Mark Solution

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I do yoga, and when I am not OK or my digestion is lazy, I take Sadie Nardini’s 14-day challenge. I am pretty fit, and know that – due to my limited time – I will not be able to commit to an hour-long lesson every day. A 15-20 minute exercise routine in the morning, however, helps me get more balanced and better grounded. Yoga combined with CBD oil and creams is the perfect way of getting your body and mind back on track.

How To Use CBD Stretch Mark Creams

I used CBD stretch mark creams for the first few weeks, every night. After a shower and drying myself, I simply massaged the oil in the right area; mostly my thighs and lower back; that is where the stretch marks were more prominent. However, I continued to use CBD products after, and got the FTFO CBD Ultra Moisturising Body Butter to preserve the results and to stay on top of my skin hydration. Using the CBD balm for stretch marks is great, but you have to look after your skin when there are no visible signs of damage, too.

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CBD for dog anxiety
Anxiety and CBD Oil, Dogs and CBD Oil

Dogs with Anxiety Can Use CBD Oil

For dogs anxiety can be a crippling condition, just the same as humans. For pet owners it can be hard watching man’s best friend deal with the symptoms of anxiety. Research shows that CBD, can offer fast natural relief from anxiety for your pet.   

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Dogs and Anxiety

Like humans, all dogs deal with anxiety during their life. After all anxiety, fear, and stress are completely natural responses to stimulus. Although we think about a dog’s life as simple, they are actually just as prone to anxiety disorders as humans. 

Separation anxiety of Dogs and CBD

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Separation anxiety in dogs is extremely common. Dogs that have been physically or mentally abused, are very likely to experience anxiety and have specific fears. They are also very in tune with their environment, sudden changes can cause them anxiety. Old dogs can experience anxiety, in response to (CDS) Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome; which affects dog’s memory, learning, perception and awareness.         

Finding the Right Treatment for Dog Anxiety Symptoms

Different types of anxiety will cause different responses in different dogs, making it hard to diagnose. Some obvious signs of anxiety include: panting, pacing, whining or whimpering, trembling, fidgeting, barking and aggression. Dogs with separation anxiety, are also known for destructive behavior as well as urinate and/or defecate in the house, even if they’re potty trained.     

The Benefits of CBD for Dog Anxiety

CBD has a variety of medicinal benefits, research shows it works as a powerful anti-anxiety supplement. Studies show that CBD produced unique anti-anxiety effects and could help control stress-induced anxiety as well as obsessive behaviors. CBD promotes the growth of new brain cells, which may help control anxiety and its symptoms.     

Dogs and humans will respond to CBD in similar ways. The only difference is that dogs are more sensitive to , so smaller doses are required. Check out the purest form of CBD for you and your dog.

slow down aging
Anti-aging and CBD Oil

Should You Use CBD Oil to Slow Down the Signs of Aging?

It turns out CBD oil has antioxidant properties which help lessen the visible signs of aging. It also contains vitamin E, a moisturizer and skin protector that helps reduce wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness, relaxing the skin making wrinkles less visible.

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The essential fatty acid omega 3 and gamma linoleic acid are great for reducing inflammation and moisturizing the skin gently. It’s also great for treating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Also CBD oil is a great product to fight acne.

CBD oil a powerful antioxidant, more so than vitamins C and E combined, which help get rid of free-radicals which attack collagen fibers. The look of wrinkles are minimized and you will have little to no blemishes.CBD oil clearly has a range of benefits!